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We are a family owned and operated detail studio that believes in providing customized and individualized automotive paint protection services to preserve the value of your vehicle and to save you time, keeping your vehicle looking like new.

Jesse and Lina, the detail-orientated husband and wife team at Form & Finish Auto Spa, look at vehicle paint protection as a passion and a craft. We focus on providing paint protection services to keep your car looking like new for as long as possible.

Jesse has over 23 years of experience in the automotive finish industry. A foundation that was established by working directly with major manufacturer’s domestically as well as worldwide. Lina, although new to the industry, has the female touch an automotive detail shop needs! She has picked up fast and has proven her skills by becoming IDA Certified and Skills Validated (CD/SV) as well as a SunTek Certified PPF Installer. 

We continuously refine our product line and service offerings and strive to excell at our paint protection services to ensure that you get the longest lasting, highest quality results with minimal maintenance. We may be Charlotte’s paint protection specialist’s, but we really want to make caring for your car easy and worry-free!

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Enhance the shine and gloss of your vehicle while adding an invisible barrier of protection that last’s years to your vehicle’s finish.

Jesse is inspecting the recently wiped PPF


Protect your automobile’s finish from paint destroying knicks, rock chips, road rash, oxidation, sun damage and more!


Protect your automobile’s finish and remove dents and dings without bondo or painting! Repairs done in hours not days!

paint correcting the bottom of the door


Eliminate clear coat swirls, increased gloss and shine and rejuvenate your paint with our paint correction service.

Protect your vehicle today!

Looking to protect your vehicle from rock chips and scratches? Paint protection film is the solution! Looking for incredible gloss and shine? Our paint correction and ceramic coating services are what you need! Reach out to Charlotte's preferred PPF and ceramic coating experts.


Paint Correction

Paint correction is the only real way to remove swirl marks, holograms, water spots, etching & bird droppings from your vehicle’s exterior.

Utilizing specific polishing tools, compounds, polishes & a refined technique and years of paint experience, our paint corrections and gloss enhancements will revive & restore your vehicle’s paint, leaving a finish that makes the factory look bad! Say goodbye to defects & other imperfections, restore that glossy finish, while helping to increase & maintain its resale value.

Paint correction is often needed prior to adding paint protection film or having a ceramic coating applied to a vehicle for the best results. Think of this process like an exfoliation of your paint!

When paint correction is performed by a professional, it will leave your vehicle looking better than it did when you originally purchased it!

In addition to, and a constant sore spots for owners, we offer in-house paintless dent removal to remove any minor dings and dents. 


Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Film

If you are looking to enhance & protect your vehicle finish, window tint, paint protection film (PPF) and/or ceramic coatings are the most popular options on the market today. Each product offers their own benefits & all provide incredible protection and amazing aesthetics for your car, truck, SUV’s, boats, jet ski’s, trailers, powersports ATV’s and much, much more! 

Having paint protection film, also known as clear bra, and/or a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle offers incredible long-lasting paint protection with an array of benefits. Window tint, paint protection film and ceramic coatings act as a powerful trio when applied together!

Window tint protects your skin from harmful invisible UV rays; ceramic coatings provide a semi-permanent wax-like protection with unmatched ease of cleaning and a glossy, shiny finish that will last years, not months, while paint protection films helps reduce the wear and tear of the abuse that driving can do your painted surfaces.

We have chosen to use Legend Films and SunTek Paint Protection Films. They offer reliable durability and an aesthetically pleasing vehicle paint protection film over your finish. In addition to industry-leading warranty’s, we stand behind our applications for as long as you own your vehicle!

NXTZEN ceramic coatings provide an industry-leading ceramic chemistry, made by paint protection specialists, for paint protection specialist. NXTZEN coatings have been proven to protect your vehicle from exposure to Pancreatin (the nasty acid in bird poop) and other chemicals up to pH14!

Dr. Beasley’s rounds out our amazing product offering with the USA made, environmentally friendly multi-surface ceramic protection. We choose to use Dr. Beasley’s for all of our interior surface protection needs. From real leather, Vegan Leather to MB Tex and fabrics, Form and Finish Auto Spa has you protected – inside and out!

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