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Jesse, Form & Finish Auto Spa owner and master clear bra installer, has joined forces with his wife Lina who is also IDA certified & a pro at preparing any vehicle for a ceramic coating or paint protection film installation in Charlotte, NC. A lover of the little nooks and crannies when it comes to ceramic coating wheels or stretching & installing clear bra film, Lina is a detail perfectionist! Both Jesse & Lina are active in the business and make sure that every service is performed stellar from start to finish. With phenomenal customer service Form & Finish Auto is proud to consider themselves Charlotte’s best paint protection shop!

At Form & Finish Auto Spa we look at vehicle protection as a craft. We focus on removing vehicle imperfections and providing paint protection services to keep a car looking new as long as possible. We have over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and are certified in ceramic coatings, paint protection films, and paintless dent repair. We continuously refine and perfect our SERVICES to ensure the highest quality results. Because we are owner operated and believe in the utmost quality & perfecting even the smallest of details, you know that you car will be in the best of hands.

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Add an extra barrier of protection and shine to your vehicle with a ceramic coating.


Protect your automobile from annoying knicks and chips, oxidation, sun damage and more.

Eliminate swirls and rejuvenate your paint with our paint correction service.

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Looking to protect your vehicle with paint protection film, a ceramic coating or both? Reach out to Charlotte's preferred PPF and ceramic coating installers.

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Paint Correction

Paint correction is the only real way to remove any swirl marks, spider webbing, water spots & bird droppings or etching from your vehicle’s exterior. With special tools, materials & refined technique, our paint correction experts revive & restore your vehicle’s paint leaving it looking its best. Say good bye to markings & other imperfections while helping to increase & maintain its resale value.

Paint correction is often needed prior to adding paint protection film or having a ceramic coating applied to a vehicle for the best results. In addition we offer paintless dent removal to remove any minor dings and dents. We are happy to inspect your vehicle’s paint under a light to determine if it needs paint correction.

When paint correction is performed by a professional it will leave your vehicle looking better than it did when you originally purchased it!


Ceramic Coating & PPF

If you are looking to enhance & protect your vehicle, paint protection film (PPF) and/or ceramic coatings are both great options. Each offers their own benefits & both provide incredible paint protection for your car, truck or SUV. Our SunTek Paint Protection Film is specially designed utilizing urethane technology. It offers reliable, extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing vehicle paint protection.

Having paint protection film, also know as clear bra, or a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle offers incredible long-lasting protection with an array of benefits. PPF and ceramic coatings act as a powerful duo when applied together!

System X Ceramic Coatings utilize nano-particle technology to create a liquid polymer that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s surface on a molecular level. This creates a durable crystal clear shield that acts as a barrier of paint protection for your vehicle, protecting it from light scratches, swirl marks, UV rays, dirt, bird droppings & more. A coatings hydrophobic capabilities create a slick surface allowing for impurities to slide right off. Coating provide protection, ease of cleaning and a glossy, shiny finish.

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