A little bit About Us

IDA Certified Detailer With over 20 Years of automotive finish Experience

About FORM & FINISH Auto Spa

Jesse, owner & founder of Form & Finish Auto Spa, has been in the automotive paint preservation, protection & auto detailing industry for over 25 years.  Starting out in the car audio side of the automotive industry, Jesse learned the in’s and out’s early on building competition audio systems as a teenager (fun story about that!). He soon discovered the fine art of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and this is where it all really started.

He has provided his services domestically as well as internationally and has worked with major dealership groups, insurance companies and major automotive manufacturers from North America to the South Pacific to small auto body repair shops in between.

With experience in virtually all areas of automotive paint protection, enhancement and repair, he is an IDA Certified Detailer/ Skills Verified (CD/SV),  Certified SunTek Paint Protection Film Installer, and a CERTIFIED CERAMIC COATING INSTALLER FOR SYSTEM X AND GYEON. Additionally, Jesse is an ARC Master Paintless Dent Removal Craftsman and the only IMI Level 2 Electric Vehicle -HYBRID Certified PDR technician in Charlotte, which means he has the knowledge to safely work on your electric car.

Combining forces with his wife Lina, who is also an IDA Certified CD/SV detailer and a SunTek Paint Protection Certified Installer, they continuously work to refine their skills and technique’s. Lina’s eye for detail builds the foundation for prepping our cars for paint protection film & ceramic coating installations.

Together, the husband and wife team have created a reputable auto spa directed at providing Charlotte and surrounding areas with the best paint preservation and paint protection services to be found.


Starting first as a paintless dent repair service in 1998, Jesse quickly became a master paintless dent removal expert & looked to expand the services he offered in 2018. Providing paintless dent repair’s for major industry manufacturers like General Motors, BMW and Nissan Motor Company, thrust him into the automotive finish side of the industry that very few technicians were able to experience on their own.

Jesse’s proven PDR skills earned him access to manufacturer assembly lines, paint rooms and repair sites around the world. Exposure to this level of the automotive build process helped build the foundation of his paint protection knowledge.

Expanding to incorporate paint protection film (PPF) & automotive finish enhancement services, like paint correction and ceramic coatings, Jesse’s knowledge of automotive finishes is unmatched in the Charlotte area.

This knowledge and passion that Jesse and Lina have to deliver an amazing client experience, one satisfied customer at a time. With customer service that does not stop after your have picked up your, a “Golden Rule” ethos and a desire to create the best experience from start to finish, Jesse, Lina, and the entire team at Form & Finish Auto Spa provide nothing short of the best!

Should you have questions or are looking to get scheduled for service with a ceramic coating, or PPF installation, Form & Finish is here to help. Give us a call, stop by our shop or fill out one of our quote forms.