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ceramic coated mustang

Add an extra barrier of protection and shine to your vehicle with a ceramic coating.

paint protection film application


Protect your automobile from annoying knicks and chips, oxidation, sun damage and more.

paint correction polishing


Paint Correction

Eliminate swirls and rejuvenate your paint with our paint correction service.


Repair dings, dents, creases & more without taking your vehicle to a body shop. 

AUTOMOTIVE PAINT PROTECTION services by form and finish auto spa in CHARLOTTE, NC

Form & Finish Auto Spa provides paint protection film, ceramic coatings, paint correction and paintless dent repair. Our services are tailored specifically to paint protection and preservation services for your car, truck, SUV’s boat’s, trailer’s and much more. Jesse and Lina are here to help to ensure you find the best paint protection for you and your vehicle’s needs.

Our paint protection services include Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Films (PPF) and Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). We also offer window tinting, touch up repairs and ceramic coating maintenance. We continuously strive to provide unparalleled customer service with long-lasting, high-quality results for each & every one of our clients. 

 If you are looking for Charlotte’s BEST CERAMIC COATING SERVICE and certified paint protection film installers, look no further than our 85+ 5-Star Google Reviews! Call Form & Finish Auto Spa – Protect your paint, today! 


Paint protection film is clear thick film designed to adhere to the exterior surface of your vehicle, to stop paint damage from rocks and road hazzards.  Paint protection film can be applied to your entire vehicle or specific areas, such as the headlights, door sills and just about every painted surface.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the best form of new car paint protection on the market today. PPF prevents paint chips, light scratches and damage to high impact areas from everyday driving. PPF is virtually invisible on your car, it’s very glossy, is easy to clean and stays that way for years! 

PAINT PROTECTION FILM  can be combined with a ceramic coating installation to achieve the ultimate paint protection ‘shield’ for your vehicle while also providing the most incredible gloss & shine that lasts for years!



Paintless dent repair offers a more cost friendly and time efficient method when it comes to repairing small dents, dings, creases & hail damage than that of traditional auto body repair. There is no bondo or fillers and zero paint work that needs to be done with PDR.  When finished, your dent will look like it never happened! In fact, having paintless dent repair done on your vehicle can help to increase & maintain resale value!

Here in North Carolina springtime hail storms & severe thunderstorms can leave vehicles peppered with hail damage. Hail Damage is not only is unsightly, but can severly affect the resale value of your automobile. The great news is the hail damage can be removed with PDR and is covered by your insurance provider! If you are in need of paintless dent repair or hail damage repair in Charlotte or nearby areas, give Form & Finish Auto Spa a call today.

Jesse is a certified paintless dent repair technician with over 20 years of paintless dent removal experience. Jesse is fully insured, an IMI Hybrid Level 2 Certfied Technician and ARC Certified Master Technician. CALL US TODAY or fill out one of our quote forms, we look forward to working with you!

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