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Gyeon Ceramic Coatings

With many coatings options on the market, we personally put them to the test to find the best. We chose to offer GYEON Q2M products, providing the best quality and long term protection for your ride.

Learn more about GYEON, basic facts, and coating care about ceramic coatings.

About Gyeon

The Q² range includes a comprehensive series of advanced ceramic-based products offering outstanding surface protection. The Q²M collection also offers a wide range of innovative maintenance products for the preparation and aftercare of all vehicle surfaces, complementing the Q² coating range.

Gyeon formulates and mixes all of their products in house. With extensive raw material and packaging reserves, Gyeon is prepared to meet rapidly increasing demand. 

Q² Infinite Base Type 1 and Base Type 2, are a sophisticated, one layer, stand-alone solution coming with the GYEON Infinite Warranty scheme. Base Type 1 coating features unique technology in its formulation, being based on fluoro-modified polisylazanes and not silica dioxides. How does complicated naming translate into real life performance?  The technology has been introduced to the car care industry for the first time by GYEON in 2022.  Extreme chemical resistance against both caustic and acid chemicals, slickness helping prevent contamination from adhering to the paintwork or next-level UV protection are some of the crucial benefits from a vehicle owner perspective.

Infinite Base Type 1 and Infinite Base Type 2, along with a selection of 3 other specific products, is available only and exclusively to GYEON Certified Detailers.

Gyeon’s Mission

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GYEON Quartz is the result of passion and is based on years of experience in the professional vehicle detailing industry. They’re a company that develops, formulates and manufactures each chemical in-house. Every single item in their range complies with their mission to deliver the very best product in terms of quality, durability and ease of use. They are thoroughly tested by scientists in the laboratory and also by professionals in the detailing businesses before they ever reach the market, to guarantee you proven results and indisputable quality.

Does Gyeon Coating Have 9h Hardness?

Yes! Just like most quality ceramic coatings. Is this important? Not necessarily, the most important qualities are it’s UV and chemical resistance, structural integrity, and slickness. These are the key features that keep your vehicle protected.
Gyeon Ceramic Coatings


The answer is No. Beading is a quality that has a benefit and a wow factor, but is secondary to its purpose. Fact: A ceramic coating may even be more self-cleaning due to being hydrophilic than hydrophobic. The hydrophobics are due to the high surface tension a coating generates. This may decrease due to contamination, but has no connection to the level of protection. Routinely, the coating will need maintenance to keep its hydrophobics performing its best.

We will instruct you on maintenance, as well as offer ceramic coating maintenance to ensure your coating is performing and protecting your vehicle for years!

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A ceramic coating does act as a sacrificial layer to your paint’s clear coat, but will not prevent deep scratches and rock chips. A ceramic coating is used to protect against UV rays and chemicals, while making wash maintenance a breeze! For the ultimate protection, consider our Paint Protection Film that will prevent rock chips and deep scratches hitting your paint.

For the best of the best, you can opt for our Paint Protection Film and a Ceramic Coating for the ultimate protection and ease of maintenance!

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