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When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there are several things to consider. Paint protection film is one of them and is without a doubt, the best way to keep your vehicle protected and looking new for the long haul. From rock chips to road debris & harsh weather conditions, your vehicle is constantly exposed to elements that can damage its paint. While paint protection services are geared toward PROTECTING YOUR VEHICLE’S PAINT, not all films or installers are created equal. Having a high-quality film installed by Form and Finish Auto Spa is one of the best ways to ensure a precise fit and long-lasting benefits. The goal is to keep your new car protected and looking good as long as possible.

"Your car is 'our' car, when it's in our shop."

New or “New-to-You”, your car is treated just like one of our own cars when it’s in our house. We are not a high production facility, and we don’t have teams of techs working on your car at once. Form and Finish is a husband and wife team, focused on high-quality paint protection film installations and the best customer-focused service in the Charlotte automotive community. Quality PPF installations takes time, patience, a skilled hand with a keen eye. We want to give you nothing but the best experience with your paint protection film for years to come! 

PAint Protection Film Packages

Choose your paint protection film Coverage

Standard Front Package

Full front coverage for the most vulnerable areas prone to rock chips, road salts, and other unexpected debris.

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Starting At $1299

Partial plus PPF coverage

Full Front Package

Full front-end coverage with with addition protection against rock chips, road salts, and other unexpected debris.

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Starting At $1799

Drivers Package

Full Front Protection (all painted panels) with wrapped edges for an invisible look. The best protection against rock chips and road rash. 

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Starting At $2599


Full Body Package
Choose from GLoss or matte finish

Full body coverage (all painted panels) with wrapped edges for an invisible look. The best protection against rock chips and road rash. 

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SUNTEK reaction | SUNTEK matte

All of SunTek paint protection films are self-healing and are able to self-heal small scratches, rock chips, and other slight imperfections.

SunTek Matte offers a different type of paint protection film finish. SunTek Matte films provides a smooth matte finish that is very popular today.

Suntek’s newest film, Reaction, is a new paint protection film that offers industry-leading protection and clarity, and is 25% more stain-resistant than leading films.

Legend Prime | Legend PRime matte

Legend Films are scientifically based on years of experience in manufacturing protective films. LEGEND Paint Protection Film is built to protect against rocks, insects, sand, salt, and other hazards that may damage the paint on your new car.

With an industry leading 12 year warranty against cracking, fading and yellowing, you know you have the most advanced Paint Protection Film on the market. 

PPF Prime film is practically invisible and protects your paint in virtually any climate zone and weather conditions.

Legend Prime Matte protects your paint in virtually any climate zone and weather conditions while adding a pristine matte look to your vehicle. 

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Located a few blocks away from South End and minutes from uptown Charlotte and Charlotte Douglas Airport, our auto spa specializes in paint protection film for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Paint protection film, or PPF, also known as clear bra, utilizes special urethane technology to create large sheets of clear film that are installed on the painted surfaces of vehicles. Once the film is installed on a car, truck or SUV it adheres to the vehicle’s topcoat creating an invisible, self-healing layer of protection.

PPF can be applied to an entire vehicle or specific areas. You may opt for a partial paint protection package for high traffic areas, or choose to protect the entire vehicle with a full PPF wrap. One very important thing to keep in mind is that installation of the film is just as important as the products used.

At FORM & FINISH AUTO SPA we take pride in what we do and it shows in our work. The way a film is cut and installed is a technique and a very important part of a proper PPF install. We use SunTek Paint Protection Films which are some of the highest quality films on the market. The Suntek film line (SunTek Reaction Film & Suntek Matte) coupled with our install process ensures long-lasting paint protection. Learn more about the paint protection coverage options below or call to schedule service.

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